The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cookies....yes, COOKIES!

Damn them! I made the very best chocolate chip cookies the other day and they are still here in the house.  I had a few of them today.  Thankfully they are not huge cookies, so having several isn't as bad as it could be....but it's still bad.  You know like Lay's potato can't each just one.  So I guess I'll be on a bit of a baking hiatus unless I can find someone to share the goodies with. 

I have to say I'm feeling great.  Is it the water?  The exercise?  Is it mental?  Perhaps a combo??? I'll take it! 

I had a great chat tonight with an old friend.  We worked together nearly 10 years ago.  God, I love how technology has brought so many people to my life (or back to my life) and made it so much easier to keep in touch.  We hadn't chatted in a while and were able to catch up for about an hour.  So awesome!   And now here I am sharing with you all (and talking to myself). The internet has opened up a variety doors for so many.  Hell, I met S online.  So again, thank you for being out there for me feedback and your good vibes. 

Well, I got most of my night time work done, so I think I can turn in.  I'm actually 30 min earlier than yesterday.  Perhaps I can get to bed by midnight tomorrow.  I just can't do it cold turkey.  Is there a patch or gum for night owls to kick the addiction? 

Happy Thursday!
Love it!


  1. You crack me up! You know I was going to post about the energy as well. I'm feeling full of energy lately! Don't beat yourself up over the cookies, just move forward, its all you can do. Oh and I learned something new, did not know you met S online! How cool. So glad we connected on FB! Keep up your awesome work!!!!!

  2. P.S.....I so want some of them cookies.. :(

  3. Only if its carb-free please. LOL!

  4. Break it into thirds to share with your littles...minimal carbs that way.