The Road to One-derland!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eating, Drinking, Moving!!!

I've got nearly two weeks in to my new and improved healthier living, more active lifestyle.  I'm losing weight, enjoying more energy, overall just feeling awesome.  I've been trying some new foods and doing more exercise....lots more exercise.  It's been a great couple of weeks.
Here are some things I've used in the past two weeks that have been helpful:  I've signed up for e-newsletters of interest and have been enjoying the positive tips.  I love that they have healthful recipes and cannot wait to give them a try.  I just started logging my exercise daily and will start making weekly exercise goals.  I had  heard of quinoa for ages and ages.  On a previous go-round on WW, people were always talking about it.  I just kept ignoring the recommendations.  Well, I finally tried it....I've been adding it to my soups for a while now.  Today, I was wanting to use it in the place of rice to go with the  Thai curry I'd made.  I googled and found this site with tons of quinoa info.  It's a SUPER FOOD....give it a try.

Greek style yogurt!!! OMG, I don't really like regular yogurt, but this stuff is great.  It's thicker, more like a pudding.  It's loaded with protein and comes in great flavors.  Trader Joe's has it with added fiber as well.  now this is a WW staple and it's something we often have around the house.  But this is different..... I found it in a bleu cheese flavor.  I enjoyed it on a whole wheat toasted english muffin this past week. OMG sooo good. 

I'm looking forward to another busy week ahead leading up to A's 8th birthday party on Friday and his family birthday celebration on Saturday.  Good times!


  1. That yogurt looks yum! Can't believe A is going to be 8 already! Man time flies! Congrats on two weeks strong, you are doing great!

  2. The yogurt is super good. There are many brands, so if you don't have Trader Joe's, still look for it. I need to get more as I love it for a snack.
    Thanks for the cheers!!