The Road to One-derland!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling the love

Thank you so much for the comments and messages.  You guys are the best. 
Yes, I am posting after midnight....after my curfew.  Oops!!!  It will be a big adjustment for me.

So, how did my first day go???  Not to shabby. I dusted off my old Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds dvds and did a mile walk.  You basically walk in place with some side steps, knee lifts and kicks.  The dvd I did tonight also used an exercise band.  Boy did I feel the burn.  I'll definitely be trying out my other dvds this week. 

I really feel I have gotten a shot in the arm as I take on these changes.   I love this feeling of starting fresh in the new year.  It makes these gray dreary winter days more bearable  as we head towards Spring and Summer.  So much is possible.  I'm looking forward to being a better ME. 


  1. That is awesome! I am going to have to check into that DVD, for reals!!!

  2. I've gotten them from Netflix, so check there and see if you like it. Oh and perhaps your library would have some as well. There are a variety of "walks".

  3. Netflix for real? I will check! THANKS!!

  4. Got it on order! Thanks a bunch! Would not have thought to look there. I also see some streaming dancing videos, watch out living room, here I come!

  5. LMAO....awesome resource. Didn't think of streaming exercise vids. Thanks! Definintely try before you buy :)

    hope you like them. Some of them use hand wts, some use bands, some do yoga at the end. You can do them all without the add'l tools.