The Road to One-derland!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I did it!

I went to bed before MIDNIGHT last night. (11:50 to be exact!!!) All my evening tasks had been completed.  I worked out and showered.  I did not give in to the fb gaming temptation.  I headed up to bed by 11, finished a show I was watching on dvd, and even read for about 15 min.  I was tired and didn't push myself past tired like I usually do.  It felt great.  Now, I did wake twice to a screaming kiddo (in need of covers and/or comfort), but it was a quick cure.  I got nearly 7 hrs of sleep.  Wow that's like sleeping in on the weekend. :)  I woke in the a.m. feeling pretty refreshed.  I worked in A's classroom this a.m. and didn't even need a nap.  I am realizing  my desire to nap during the day has gone down quite a bit.  I love a good nap, but I know it also ate into my night time sleeping and fed into the cycle of late night bed times. 

So tonight, I'm going to head upstairs and do a lil workout then shower.  I'd love to read again and enjoy the cozy bed with stacks of pillows.  YEAAAAAA sleep!!!


  1. That is great new Bex! I bet you feel hecka rested! Stacks of pillows sounds awwww so good!

  2. Well, it didn't happen last night, but I was up in bed by midnight. I was too wrapped up in an episode of United States of Tara :)
    Stacks of pillows ARE awesome...various levels of fluffy/firmness.