The Road to One-derland!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm doing it!!!

I feel so accomplished.  I've been following through with my plan. Well, aside from the bed by midnight thing. But that's going to be a toughy.

I ATE BREAKFAST this am.  A whole wheat english muffin with a wedge of laughing cow on top. Not bad.  I've had about 72 oz of water.  I worked out....TWICE!!! Crazy, huh?  I rode the stat bike while O attempted to nap this afternoon and then again tonight after the boys were in bed.  YES!!!

One thing  I know for certain, is the food piece is going to be the most challenging.  I've tried to make more healthful choices the last two days, but know that I have a major love affair with food and a problem with portion control.  I love food....I love cooking....I love reading recipes and imagining how they will taste.  I don't think that's anything I'll be ever to eliminate. It is who I am.  So I just need to figure out a way to work it into my life in a more healthy way. 

Tonight for dinner, I had some left over pasta that I'd prepared over the weekend.  I paired it with some green salad and the yummiest sesame green beans.  I've made them before and loved them.  They are even better the next day for some reason.  Anyway, they are from on of my favorite recipe sites, Allrecipes.   I love green beans, so love finding some new ways to prepare them.  O eats them and A tolerates them, so that's a winner to me.  :) 

So far, So good....this feels good and I like where things are heading.  Thanks for reading, watching, supporting me. 


  1. Congrats Bex!! I need to do the same thing!! I need to get up at 5am though so I can get ready for work and leave at 7am!! This whole work thing really gets in my way!!!

    Drink your water and write down your menu, water, food, and feelings...oh wait, your blog is your feelings!! I would love to blog...I may "follow" your lead!!

    Keep it up!!!

  2. Bex you are doing AWESOME!!! The water intake is FANTASTIC and the exercise, well all I can say is GO GIRL!! I hear what you are saying about liking to eat. I think on your plan you can have pretty much anything, just about portioning it out. You can do it. :) You are off to a fantastic start!!!!

  3. I LOVE green beans, too. Yum, I'll have to check out that recipe. I think that you are doing well to acknowledge that you are not going to be able to cut out entire food groups, or your love of cooking and such- when you do that, I think that you just set yourself up for failure.

    So happy for you!! I think you'll do great, and look forward to following your journey. Awesome job!!

    Oh! has a great calorie/exercise diary thing that helps you keep track of exactly what you are taking in and burning, I found it very helpful.

  4. I could have written the paragraph about the love affair with food!! I know it's not just me--and it is comforting...but I also know it's something to work on!! Congrats on the small changes--small changes make bid diffences!! xoxo