The Road to One-derland!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay, this is it

I've had it! I've reached my breaking point.  The time is now to do something about my weight and unhealthy lifestyle.  Turning 40 this past fall was a milestone and an eye opener.  Am I officially middle aged?  will I even make it to 80 if I continue my current way of living? Probably not!  That's a scary thought.   I need to do this now for me and for my family that needs me.  I am heavier now than when I was pregnant with my boys...FULL TERM.  How did I let myself get like this?  Why did I let myself get like this? 

I've had a life-long weight problem.  I have been fortunate, so far, that I've not had to deal with any health issues attributed to my weight.  I know it is just a matter of time.  I am a ticking time bomb.  Why have I been waiting to do something so important? 

So, I'm making a plan.  A wise man once told me, Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor this girl has gotta make a plan.  I know if I go great guns and make too many changes at once, that I won't be able to stick with it.   I'm going to do the following:

1)  eat breakfast.....something quick and healthy with some protein and "good" carbs
2)  drink more water
3)  cut out snacking after 9pm
4)  add more steps to my day
5)  Join WW online (Feb 1)
6)  add intentional exercise 3-5/days per week
7)  get to bed before MIDNIGHT!!!
8) blog about my day, food intake, meal plans,  make/celebrate goals, confess "failures",make myself accountable by putting it in PRINT for anyone out there to see. 


  1. You go girl! You can do this, you really can! Just think of how good you will feel and how many years you will add to your life! Im rootin' for you!

  2. You can do it! I'll be your WW buddy.

  3. I'm so excited for you. I'm looking forward to watching your progress and it giving me a kick in the pants as well.

  4. Good job, can do this!!

  5. Hurray for you!!! I'll be your WW buddy too :)