The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've got a cold.....or is it allergies??? I don't know, but my head feels like it is about to explode and I want to scratch my eyeballs out.  I think tea is definitely in order right at this very moment. 

Aside from that, things are going well.  I have been super busy today.  I guess busy is good, but  I do enjoy my down time.  I've gotten creative about fitting in my exercise time....before meetings and other obligations.  I have to say I'm proud of myself.  My thighs and calves feel tighter/firmer from all the stat. bike riding.  My arms feel a bit more firm, too.  I've been using these weighted balls a bit after riding as well as stretchy bands while doing the walking workouts.  It's funny, at the time I don't feel like I'm really doing anything.  But, I guess over time, it all adds up and IS doing something.  AWESOME!!!

I'm glad I have some soup in the frig that I can enjoy tomorrow.  That will be a nice treat.  I made this broccoli and cauliflower with cheese recipe I had from when on WW eons ago.  It's just chicken stock, two 1 lb bags of veggies (I did the winter combo of brocc and cauliflower) and 10 oz of light Velveeta, and a can of rotel tomatoes with chiles. .  When it was all cooked, I used my immersion blender to whirl it up in into a pot of creamy goodness.  Here's a link to the recipe.   I, of course, don't mind soup with chunks of veggies, but I wanted to see how creamy it would be this way.  Also, my youngest just had to try it.  He loved it!!!

Now I hope whatever this is will just go away.

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  1. Aw Bex, I hope you get better quick. No fun being sick. I must try this soup, thank you for sharing. Hang in there, you're doing fabulous!