The Road to One-derland!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A change in routine and I FAILED!!!

UGH!  I'm so mad at myself.  It scares me to think that I can have a change in my routine and make such bad choices....cookies and pizza.  Two faves.  For starters, I made the cookies.  WHY?  I wanted to bring a treat to share with MIL while we visited her.  Pizza...well we were getting take out from somewhere.  But why didn't I plan a salad?  We like to vacation and have several more short and longer treks on the calendar for the  year.  Am I going to suck at this "away from home" stuff again?    What could I have done differently??? 

There were a few positives that I'm just now remembering..... I did go out for a walk after the boys were in bed.  MIL lives in the older, quaint downtown area, so I headed out and enjoyed a bit of a walk.  It wasn't as long as I'd normally do, but better than nothing.  Also, I took my leftover Valentine chocolates and left them at her house....truffles and kisses went bye-bye!!! 

So now, I'm back on track.  My weigh in was this a.m., but since I was gone (and didn't bring my scale) I will weigh in the a.m.  I'm anticipating a gain, but we shall see what the master scale says. 

I earned 27 activity points this past shooting to break that.  Gotta love a a fitness competition with yourself, right? 


  1. You're going to have set backs, don't beat yourself up over it, pal. If you never allow yourself an indulgence here and there, you won't succeed in my opinion. We all need those "cheat" days. One of my good friends has been on a strict eating/exercise plan for a year or so, but on Sundays-that is her free day. She eats what she wants. She has lost 80 something pounds doing it. So, I am a firm believer in allowing yourself a break here and there! Also, it is really effing hard to turn down pizza!! :)

  2. You are doing good Bex! And 27 activity points for a week? HOLY CRAP! You HAVE been getting after the exercise. AWESOME! How do you get so many? I do the 15 BL work outs and its only 2 points (walking in place mixed with some cardio).. I also read to use the extra points, perhaps you can use them for a special treat day? Chin up, you are doing a great job.

  3. I know for me personally it gets easier to pass up old favorites the longer I am OP. I remember at one point being able to turn down pizza (my favorite food to eat ever) because I would think about all the other stuff I could eat for the same points that would be more filling. But, I am in the same boat as you with temptation. At this point (only 4 weeks in), I try to avoid social situations or restaurants that are tempting because I know that I am too weak to resist. Makes for a very boring couple of months but it is better than feeling powerless to temptation.

  4. Wow Steph, that's awesome about your friend. Yes, I think having a treat day is a good thing. I guess my doing it at the end of my week was not a good idea. I bet she is feeling awesome!!!!
    Kim, how long are your workouts? What intensity are you doing them at? Are you only using the point calculator or are you doing a search by activities? I ride the bike pretty hard for 40+ minutes
    Cate, I think that's a great policy. Yes, very boring, but existing in a controlled environment for a few months (when possible) is a great idea. I should at least fall back on the unlimited fruit possibilities and take a fruit salad with me where ever I go. LOL

    I will say the pizza was good......jalapeno and black olive. I'll have to reminesce about how great it tasted for the next few months. :)

  5. My workout are moderate but only 10 minute intervals. I do not have a bike or treadmill so I just do the workout videos. Going to step up my game next week! I agree with you on fruit, keep some fruit on hand when you are out, no worries.

  6. How long is the workout? Is there one workout on the dvd? Are you liking it?