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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jillian's Shred

So, I've had Jillian's 30 Day Shred for a while now, so why not give it a try.  I had done it twice before and thought it was a great work  out.  Let me tell you ladies, if you want to try The Shred, make sure you've got a great sports bra on protecting your girls.   While  I had remembered that the workout tousled things about (I put on two of my workout bras), I had forgotten about all the jumping jacks and jogging segments.  So be warned.  

I did finish the workout and it kicked my butt.  I was a sweaty mess after the nearly 30 min was said and done.  This seems like a great program as it has 3 phases that you are supposed to work through over the course of a month.   Now I'm not one to really do the same routine each day, nor do I see myself going thru Phase 2 and Phase 3 very quickly, but I will continue with Phase 1 and see how I progress.  My Abs sent me a message for a few days post-workout....."hi, we're here, under your fat....thanks for using us".

I have place the workout on the back burner for just a bit.  A friend of mine recommended a heavy duty workout bra  and I should have it by late next week.  I'm hoping this baby does the trick so I can continue with these workouts. 

If anyone is out there, I would love to hear what in-home workouts you enjoy.   I love finding things on netflix to try before buying. 


  1. You will love that bra! You will hate that you can't breath and it's hard to do up, but man it keeps you still! I have a friend who recommended it to me and she is pretty large up top and she runs and does the shred too and also loves it!

    Adam has started p90x this week, but he's really out of shape so he's only making it through the first 10-20 minutes, hahaha. Wow, it's WAY too ambitious for me. I am going to give Power90 (the program before p90x) a go once my gym membership runs out in July, and maybe ChaLEAN Extreme. Both look good and I LOVE strength training, so I think I will really like that aspect of them. And Jillian has a new DVD coming out next month called Ripped in 30, too. I think it's a lot like 30 Day Shred with the format that it's in.

  2. Good luck to Adam. I heard bits and pieces about that workout program....seems uh too challenging for me at this point. Perhaps when I get a large chunk of fat off. LOL
    I'll let you know when I try out the bra. LOL @ not being able to breath.

  3. I got the BL Last Chance Workout and the BL 30 Day Jump Start DVD as well as the BLPower WAlk...Ive only done the latter and its 15 minute sections, totally doable. I will start the 1st 2 next week, I'll let you know how they are.