The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keep moving!!!

I'm still exercising EVERY DAY!  This is the longest I've ever gotten this much regular exercise since probably college when we walked everywhere.  I have to say it feels GREAT!!!  Even though I'm keeping my super late hours, I have rarely felt the need for my afternoon nap.

Most of my exercise has been on the stationary bike.  I love being able to ride and watch a program or movie.  This past week, I also started using an old Leslie Sansone walking .  I have done several of her workouts previously, but don't remember doing this one.  It's a walk/jog program.  Jogging is normally very painful for me. My knees and ankles don't handle it well, plus it's not all that comfortable on carpet.  But, this was very do-able.  It's basically a walking workout with 2-min segments of jogging interspersed appx 4 times (I don't remember).

Right now, I'm on a zumba hiatus.  I recently got a pedicure at a new salon and well the guy jacked up one of my toes.  I am pretty certain it is now ingrown.  It doesn't really bother me during regular walking movements, but the side movements and pivots necessary for zumba are a no-go.  Bummer.

The Mister just bought the EA sports Active 2 "game" for wii.  He has used it the last couple of mornings and really liked it.  I think I'll have to give it a try.  He's such a good boy, he works out early in the a.m.  I have to say I unfortunately missed his ZUMBA trial.....but ds #1 said "he's not very good" LMAO

I keep track of my workouts for WW and earn Activity Points.  I also have been using and tracking my minutes there.  Do check out that site.  It is awesome. Plus, you can join SPARK AMERICA and track your minutes for your city and state.  Who has the fittest city????   I guess it goes well with my competitive streak.

Keep moving, keep losing, keep feeling your best.


  1. That is awesome that you are keeping up the exercise regime! Good for you girl! Activity points are a good incentive as well. Keep it up Becky!!

  2. Thanks Kim! I'm a pretty competitive person, so keeping myself exercising daily or bust is big for me. As I realized yesterday, I'm going to have to be creative sometimes when I'm out of my element.