The Road to One-derland!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New With Tags.....

Every time I walk into my closet I'm greeted by pieces of clothes that I've never worn; pieces of clothing that never fit; pieces of clothing still with the store tags on them..  Wishful thinking I suppose???  I know I probably figured, why buy new clothes in my current size when I'm "almost" a 16 or "almost" a 14.  Ugh!!!  It's hard for me to not get into the clothes shopping frenzy once weight starts coming off.  I've lost weight seems to happen all the time.  I'm trying super hard to not do it this time.  From what I see, I have quite the selection of smaller sized clothing waiting for me to get my body in, buttoned, zippered and ready to go.  :) 

So I ask myself, why?  Why did I not get down to that size? Did I lose motivation?  Was it self-sabotage?   I see a dress I bought before my honeymoon nearly 9 years ago.  I thought for sure I'd wear it on our cruise.  I probably could have pulled it off, but I didn't feel confident in it. Enjoyed a 2 week honeymoon, gained like 10+ lbs while gone and lost the motivation to continue losing.  I see another dress I bought nearly 4 years ago for a special event.  I had started weight watchers after a miscarriage (hubby and I did it together as sort of a healing process) and lost 33 lbs.  We got the go-ahead to do injected fertility meds that aided in my gain of 10 lbs early on and well...a baby 9+ mos later.   While the baby was a great reason to fall off the weight loss wagon, would have been okay to get back on while he was an infant.....or even a toddler. But I kept pushing it out. 

Well, I'm here now and I plan on cutting those damn tags off and wear those clothes.  Don't worry, they aren't that outrageously outdated. 


  1. Its awesome that you have clothes to shrink into! And I didn't know about the fertility meds, but what a blessing you got from them. :)

    Keep up the hard work. Don't look back too much on what could have been, instead push forward to the new you on the horizon. :)

  2. Thanks Kim! I know I have a hard time not looking back. Regrets ya know. I do have a ton of clothes....some that never fit right or just will fit more comfortably. Can't wait to get back into my MC Hammer concert shirt from 1989. ;)

  3. OMG that is hilarious(MC Hammer).

  4. I must admit I'm a bit of a nostalgic clothing hoarder. I do, indeed, have an MC Hammer concert shirt and some other great items. Why would I part with them now, after all these years? LOL