The Road to One-derland!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

not feeling the workout tonight....

I almost skipped exercising today.  It would have been only the 2nd time doing so since heading down this path to healthier eating.  I talked myself out of it and decided to do a lil Wii Fit Plus just to get me moving.  I'm glad I did.  That Hula Hooping really does a number on me. 

I am honestly surprised I 've exercised so much these last 6 weeks.  I'm a night exerciser.  I like to do my workout after the boys are in bed....sometimes close to midnight even.  I then shower and go to bed.  It's easy to decide you're too tired to workout when you leave it to be last on your "to do" list.  Not a good habit that's for sure.   I really wish I could be one of those people who gets up early, slams out their workout and then proceeds with their fabulous day, but I'm not.  I'm a night owl....and once I'm asleep, I turn into the biggest grouch who cherishes pillow time.   Last I heard, it was best to exercise in the a.m. before consuming anything....and your metabolism would get a nice boost.  Is that still true?  I know any exercise is better than none....maybe one of these days I will actually convince myself I need to.  Hubby gets up before everyone else and does some Wii workouts....god love him..

Oh a case you're wondering, I did not weigh in today.  A likes go to early mass, and this was my week to go.  Soooo, I was up and out before 8a.m. (yes that's just wrong on a weekend...remember I'm a grouchy, non-morning person).  Then sucked down coffee and ate before I got a chance to hit the scale.  Soooo tomorrow is the day.  I may just switch the weigh in to Mondays since weekends can be difficult with travel and early morning church bells ringing in my ears. 

I will definitely be posting an update. 


  1. Bex you did excellent pushing yourself. You are building a habit and that's fantastic! I have read that it truly does not matter what time of the day we exercise now... I think as long as you do something our bodies are better for it.

    Have an excellent week!!

  2. GO girl! You know what, I am so PROUD of you!!! Yo are really getting after the exercise routine and that rocks. I had to switch days to..weekends are crazy for me so I thought first thing Saturday morning is best, that way if I should slip over the weekend I have all week to exercise and make better choices.
    Im going to try doing my exercise at night like you, but will probably change that to a.m. for the same reasons you listed. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I have to say exercising is a bit addicting. It's funny how, even when you don't want to, once you are finished you feel good and are glad you did it. I remember years past when I would go to the gym and have a long break from working out....once I would return I would say "wow, why did I quit coming?" That's one thing I like about working out at need to drive anywhere. I will say GOLD'S GYM is seriously like .5 mi from my house, if I ever feel the need to join somewhere. LOL