The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

unknowing saboteurs

Twice this week I had friends drop by with treats for me.   Now these are people that 1) don't know I'm actively trying to lose weight and live healthier; 2) know how I love treats; and 3) should know that I don't need any of the lovely sweets they brought me.  UGH!

Now the Mister has much more will power than myself.  I think he really couldn't care less about sweets.  Now give him a plate of nachos and well that's another story.  So, he's not even going to help me out with these.  I  hate wasting food, but I guess its better than WAISTING it, right.  I wish I had handled the situation better....why did I even try one of those damn little truffles?  It led to a second and a third.  I will say, that as a faithful WWer, I did look up the nutritional info (I think they were from TJ's) and tracked the points.  Also, they were good, so at the very least, I didn't fritter away my points on some crappy candy like conversation hearts.  LOL

I have been reminded, I have no self control when candy is concerned.  Definitely a red-light food group for me. 


  1. I wish I could help, but Im in the same boat. Also, I do not like to waste. I read not too long ago when it comes to food, no matter if you eat it or throw it away, it eventually becomes waste. So there is a new way to think about it. Good for you for claiming the points and moving on!

  2. I did some research and found you can freeze truffles. Perhaps I will wrap them well and get them out when company comes. Thanks for posting!