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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weight loss milestones and rewards

Since my goal weight is such a long way off, I'm working on some goals for upcoming weight loss milestones.  It's fun to reward yourself and hopefully keeps you driven and motivated.  Meeting mini-goals Rocks!!!

My first milestone was 10 pounds.  For my reward, I got myself some "retired" Bath and Body Works shower gels from Ebay.  They arrived right after I hit the 10 lb mark.

My next milestone is 25lbs.  20 is also a milestone and in Weight Watchers, losing 10% of your weight is a milestone...All of these are going to occur so close together,  I think I'll make the  25 pound  reward  a doozy....  I will get a massage.  .  I have to, I just have to. It has been a while since I have had one and my body has been working so hard.

Right now, my motivation is very strong and I'm amped up.  I probably don't need incentives other than feeling good and looking BETTER.  But it's fun. And, I'm doing WW....this is something they do in their meetings.  So why not? LOL

Do you treat yourself with things when you reach a goal?

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