The Road to One-derland!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Smiles today!!!!

Well, today is weigh-in day.......and I'm happy to report that I've lost 3.6.  I'm officially down 20.8 lbs since Jan 17th. Not too shabby for 8 weeks, huh?  I'm feeling great and it's easy to see why.  I'm no longer packing around 80 cubes of butter or a huge sack of potatoes.  It's amazing when we think of that extra weight we've been dragging around on our bodies and the extra work we force our organs to do for us. 

It was a stressful week.  One thing I've found is I need to plan my eating more carefully.  I got over hungry while running around this past week, and well it usually doesn't end well.  I nibbled (but counted points) what seemed like constantly.   I need to have healthful snacks on me at all times and ready to grab at home.  My kids are getting to a very busy age where we seem to be on-the-go.  I'm also getting busy-busy with some activities that I've taken on.  Busy is good, but you must plan!!!   I'm always packing and planning for them, but what about me???  So, I'll be bagging up some almonds and Trisket Thins for my purse as well as having plenty of cheese sticks and fruit ready to grab at  moments notice.  My water bottle has become my friend.  I keep a refillable bottle in my car and in the house, so I'm always prepared.  I also need to study the list of Power Foods more closely and incorporate them into my days to see if it helps me feel more satisfied. 

I am loving blogging.  I love when people are reading my blog and posting comments and I love reading other blogs.  I just found one today and I can't wait to read more.  Perhaps you would like it, too: Pound Per Pound  She's a successful Weight Watcher with awesome progress pictures and frequent poss.  I found her while googling the potato image above (hope she doesn't mind me borrowing it).  :) 

This week ahead is another busy one.  Absent hubby, first baseball games, swim lessons, scouts, morning appts, school volunteering, and a weekend house guest to prep for.  Planning and preparing for all of that is critical.  I'll keep you posted as the week goes on. 

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  1. WOWZA!! I am SO very proud of you! You have proven that this can be done. I agree, prep snacks ahead for when you are on the go, makes life a little less stressful! Keep it up Becky, you are on the ball.

  2. Thanks Kim! Be sure to check out the blog I mentioned...she's very inspiring.

  3. Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder. Off to check it out.