The Road to One-derland!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A bottomless pit, that's what I feel like!!!!

UGH, it's been one of the days...well couple of days.  I have been eating over my daily number of points (and into my activity points).   Weeks when the hubs is gone can be a big challenging when it comes to meal planning.  I know that.  I try to use up leftovers and make easier meals for the boys since days get very hectic.    But why on earth did I buy a ginormous can of cashews?  Sure I can eat anything on WW, but seriously, who stops at an ounce of CASHEWS???

I'm hoping tomorrow will go better.  Mornings usually are fine.  If I have a better, more filling lunch, hopefully I can make it to dinner.  I finished up my fish soup tonight, so will make a different veggie-filled soup to slurp on, so hopefully that will help. 

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  1. Ok I know what it is. Its the FUNK! I'm telling you girl, was the same thing the other day for several days. Just want to eat and eat. Not out of hunger, but because you know it tastes good. LOL! I like the idea you have of soup. Low points and filling to graze on! You are doing a fabulous job Becky, dont let a little funk get ya down. :) Proud of you!!