The Road to One-derland!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

No More Booze!!!

....tooo many calories.  We had tacos on tuesday (I opted for a salad with taco meat instead).  For some reason, I got this wild hair (or is it hare?) to make margaritas.  Delicious, right?  Well of course....but sooooo unnecessary.  I much rather EAT my calories thank you very much.  Now I am not saying I will NEVER drink one again, but I sure as heck will wait til for a special occasion or a better reason then "hey, it's Taco Tuesdays...woohooo!!!"  I know during the warmer weather, I will want to enjoy something cold and refreshing, so I'll have to work that into my plan a little more carefully. 

In other news, I think I'm going to change my weigh in day.  I know it's like a mind-game, but hey, it's MY mind game.  I'm thinking Thursday might be my day.   Of course I feel guilty and wishy-washy about making a change and really need to let that go.  This is MY program and in doing it ONLINE I really have that flexibility. Heck, if I was going to meetings, I could go any day of the week as long as there was a meeting.  Man, I always am so hard on myself.  Thanks mom. 

How is everyone's week going?  It seems awfully quiet in blog land.  If you're out there, say hi....please!!?!?!?! 


  1. Hellooooooo!! (In my best Mrs. Doubtfire voice) I so wish I had a margarita! I bet it was yummy! Maybe next time just eat less points in the can work that out and still enjoy your drink eh? :) Thursday is a great day and far enough away from the weekend so that if you splurge you have 4 days to work it off, good idea Becky!! You are doing such an awesome job!!

  2. I know my problem with alcohol isn't saving points for it. It is that my inhibition is lowered after having a drink and then I typically justify overeating and drinking more. That is why I swear off alcohol except for the one night a week that I take a break from WW. Honestly, even a light beer is worth too many points now on P+ that I just don't even bother.
    My biggest problem with being on WW is that so much in my life is tied to food, especially socially. I find that there is a gaping hole in my activities that food used to fill and I miss it.

  3. Good morning!
    I have done the same thing in the past Bex.. for weeks at a time. It's just very good to be real with the fact that drinking the calories is not the best thing for weight loss and too much booze is not great as far as taking care of ourselves either.

    I didn't totally stop forever of course. and I found these great mixers at that I buy now.. the margarita ones are very good.. the strawberry ones. not.

    I think just being aware of where the calories go is HALF the battle!

    Have a wonderful weekend girl!

  4. Well and one last comment!
    I LOVE Monday as my weigh in day.. it really helps keep me on track thru the weekend which is hard. It was Friday but then I found myself really slacking off over the weekends. Just try Thursday out! Nothing is very set in stone. Good luck.