The Road to One-derland!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One month on WW

Yesterday marked one month on WW.  I'm offically down 9.4 in that time (and 14.4 since MLK Day when I made this life change).  I feel great!  I actually had a friend, whom I hadn't seen since last summer, comment about my thinner face just  yesterday.   YES!!! 

While I don't hang out on the WW boards very often, I did notice one regular post counting down to 100th day of program.  I thought that was a pretty cool idea.  Heck, kids count down to the 100th day of school, right?  It appears to be around May 11th.  Now if I'd been a contestant on The Biggest Loser, I could maybe have lost 100 lbs by then, but no worries.  I'm doing what I can, slow and steady.

So what is the longest you've stayed with a program, diet. workout regimen?   I'm trying to think back to when I've done ww previously and stayed on program more than a month.  I think 6 mos probably has been tops (cept for a few times in college when roommates and I were balls-to-the-wall maniacs....but we don't count our teens and early twentys,right?   I can tell that I  have more focus now.  My dedication go physical activty is stronger than ever before...especially without a workout buddy pushing me.  I would like to work towards 1 hr of exercise/day, but I am not ready for that. 

Happy HUMP Day!!


  1. Wow, has it been a month already!?! Congrats Becky! I am and have been very impressed with your dedication to exercise!

    As for length of time, I made it just over a year on Atkins. Now THAT was a lot of mean consumption! I am thankful to be on WW now. I am far more focused now as you are. And I am glad to have you as a friend and as a supportive person in this journey. Keep it up!

  2. LOl, I bet that was a lot of meat....dang!

    I'm happy to have you as a WW buddy through all this. You are doing super!!!

  3. Hmmm, I think the longest I have ever been on WW was like 12 weeks when I was losing baby weight from Angus. I lost weight so quickly back then that I stopped when my pre-pregnancy clothes fit again. I am losing so slowly now that I am not sure how long it will take to be done.
    As far as exercise go, I love to be active and try to do something active even when I am not balls to the wall about it. Probably the longest break I took from exercise was during pregnancy with both kids. Too paranoid.

  4. Congratulations on your WW success! I did WW after my second baby was born. I did it for five months, lost all my baby weight and then got pregnant the next month. Still haven't lost the "baby weight" from my third child. Maybe I should try WW again...

  5. Gratz for one month! I am still struggling to get back on the horse since my falling off in Oct/Nov last year. Next week I WILL do better! You are doing awesome, and wtg on the loss!

  6. You are my workout/get-healthy HERO!!! I haven't read lately so I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your progress tonight. CONGRATS on losing weight and gaining a new habit in exercise. I do prefer an early morning workout but find it's too hard with my "lifestyle" now. Late at night is tough too...hell, it's all tough!! But you are doing it...and I can't tell you how happy I am for you!! I love the Jillian shred...though I've never done more than 2-3 days straight. It makes me hurt everywhere!! Oh--I've just finished week 3 of WW and I'm down glad to have a buddy to share this with :) :) Keep up the good work!!!!! xoxo

  7. Thanks for the comments, I really do appreciate you all taking the time to read and comment. I am happy with how motivated I am...still. LOL I also am thinking/planning ahead to fit in exercise. This is a big change for me. YES, love a positive change.