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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tummy Trouble

UGH....I made an impulsive purchase yesterday.  While at CVS, I picked up some Russell Stover sugar free candies.  Now I know I have had them before and know they can be hazardous to your intestinal health, but I figured I can handle it.  Well, last night I had 4 candies, then  I saw that 3 was actually the serving size, so I ate the last two.  UGH....two servings for a whopping 12 points.  Not good.  And now I'm paying for it with a rumbly in my tumbly.  funny thing, I am almost certain I could have had a reg York peppermint patty for 1) less money; 2) less WW points and 3) no digestive issues.   Be careful!!! 

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  1. I have a basket of SF Russel Stovers from my Atkins days..Shall I mail them to you? :~)