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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good riddance to a stressful week

I've never had both kids sick at the same time. OMG is that stressful.  I can see how having a sick child really can take a toll on parents.  Thankfully it wasn't anything serious and both boys are healing. 

Confessions from this past week:
I didn't track one meal.  I know that's like playing with fire....but I was kind of keeping track mentally.  I am pretty sure I was eating decent portion sizes, but also got take-out a few time.

I got take out twice....I ate pizza....a lot of pizza, and I had chinese take out.  I was skeered to look up the points for cashew chicken, but think the hot and sour soup was not too bad point wise

The pizza I got was the Papa Murphy's de-lite pizza.....olives and jalapenos.  While pizza is not the best choice, I have to recommend trying a super thin crust pizza.  It was like only 4 pts per slice....and sooo tasty.

I still fit in exercise.  While there were two days I did not, I'm not going to beat myself up about missing a couple of workouts here and there.

I went to bed much earlier than usual.  Yes, my nights were interrupted, but I was in bed before midnight much of the week.  Totally out of character for me. 

So now challenges of the coming week, two words....SPRING BREAK.  We're taking the boys on a little road trip.  I always pack snacks and will make sure we have fruit and water on hand.  Gotta love jerky, too.  Should get lots of walking in, but will also try to squeeze in addtional workouts at the hotel. 

Here's to a good week  !!!

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  1. Glad the boys are getting better, that will also help you. I forgot where you are going for Spring Break, but wherever it is I hope you all have a great time. You are doing good Becky, just keep going. :)