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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How do you get out of Vacation-Mode?????

Well I've been back from vacation for nearly a week and cannot get back on track.  I was gone for last week's weigh in, so this week's weigh in was for two weeks.  Well, it was not pretty. Not only did I have a week in So Cal enjoying Disneyland, I came back to Easter candy, not tracking my eating and well just not in the mood for doing following any sort of program.  The only thing I HAVE done is continue to exercise nightly.

UGH! Help me, how do I regain my mojo?  I was so diligent about exercising daily, but that went by the wayside the week before vacation. I am back riding for at least 30 min per night.  I had hoped to do add'l exercise while on vacation to counter-act my food choices, but that didn't happen.  I am also not tracking my food.  I had been so dedicated to online journalling thru the WW.COM site, but haven't since returning.  WHY? I know it's how I stay accountable and within my points. 

So now I am here to come take ownership of my actions and choices and move forward.  I gained 4.1 over the past two weeks.  I will and must work my tail off to get that off and more. 
What do you do to get yourself back on track?

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  1. What matters most to you in this life? ....There lies your mojo. There is your reason for wanting to get healthy. Its not easy. I am with you struggling right now. I feel like I have been overcome by the devil..the voices in my head saying "Its 'just 1', it wont hurt"..then 1 begets 2 begets 5.

    We have to get back to what brought us here in the first place. Hang in there. Maybe you need a few days off to regroup from vacation. Forget the weight right now. Forget the gains. Just stop, take some time for yourself and ask yourself what is going will work out..its just a funk sistah. The fact that you are sticking with your exercise is AWESOME!!! ♥