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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Go-To Foods

I  love food....I'm a foodie, big time.  It's been important to me to find some go-to foods while on this journey to live healthier.   So far, soups have been my major go-to food.    Veggies, Chicken, Beans, shrimp, fish, scallops, Barley, Quinoa....all sorts of ingredients cooked up to into a tasty broth.  Sometimes pureed with the immersion blender, some eaten as a hearty thick stew.  I know eating lots of soup has helped fill me up and get lots of veggies in my system.  I love soup.  Now, as the weather is heating up, I'm wondering....will I still love soup when it's 100+ outside?  I'm thinking "NO!"  I will have to find some other quick, one-dish meals that will help me on my journey.  Thankfully, with the warmer temps also comes summer fruits and veggies.  Perhaps salads will be a big deal in my daily eating plan....they seem a bit tedious to prepare and assemble.  You can't make up a big vat of green salad ahead of time and eat on it all week.  Maybe I'll have to crank the a/c and enjoy my zippy soups through out the blistering heat.

There have been some other foods that I've enjoyed so far.  They are tasty and low points:
Trisket thins and sliced cheese are a big snack for me.  I've also taken it along for a portable lunch.  YUMMM 

sandwich thins or bagel thins  (orowheat or thomas brands):  a great low-point, high fiber sandwich holder

laughing cow cheese....yum, spread on the above thins for a quick sandwich or snack

Popchips :  3pts for a serving size.....but it's a lot of chips.  I've been content with 1/2 that amount.  Costco has the ginormous bag for a great price

Rotel canned tomatoes :  They really help add some ZIP to my soups....yummo

beef jerky :  low fat, high protein,  and decent WW points plus wise  Great for road trips or when you're out running errands and STARVING!!! 

What are your go-to foods?  What foods do you eat regularly and need to have on-hand in your pantry? 

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  1. I have yet to find the Laughing Cow cheese and would so love to try it. I am also in agreement on the bagel thins, yum! Some of the go to foods I enjoy are pretzels, yogurt, salads and broccoli/cauliflower - raw with ff ranch dip!

    With summer coming what about smoothies? They are wonderful and low in points as well as low cal.

    Oh, another thing I have been enjoying is homemade microwave popcorn! Lunch size brown bags, put about 2 T of popcorn kernels in and fold it 2x. You can add season salt or butter salt or whatever. Same thing as air pop but without the air popper..