The Road to One-derland!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Triscuits, we have a problem.

For the love of G, will someone please take the box out of my cupboard.  My beloved Triscuit Thin have now joined the ranks for bingy, can't-eat-just-one foods.  UGH!!!  I was so proud of of how I would count out a serving size and weigh my ounce of cheese.  Lately, I start that way, and then the paw just goes into the box.  My breaking point was tonight.....I was munching on Tricuit Thins while setting up  Wii Fit.  WTH is that all about?   Who eats while they are getting ready to workout????

So, as you can see, I've had a weird day.  My eating was not the greatest....not sure where it went in the ditch, but it was way too carb heavy, which lead to more carbs, and more carbs, etc.  My allergies are really annoying me and have effected my sleep.  I really don't feel like exercising today and have yet to do so.  I have told myself I won't, that I can take a break for today.  I've  only not exercised ONE time since Mid-January....and that was when I was busily prepping for A's birthday.  While it was a busy day today and I don't feel 100%, I'm not sure why I'm giving up on my streak.  It's not too late for me to do something. Will I feel better if I just get it over with?  Or should I just go to bed and deal with anohter busy day. 

Thankfully tomorrow is a new day.  Gotta love the fresh start each a.m. brings.  Damn I hate that this is such a struggle. 


  1. Sometimes you just have to give in. Its life. We are not perfect souls, no matter how hard we try. I think the key is to get to a place where we accept that we are going to fail sometimes. Acceptance is when you get to the point where you realize you had weakness and you moved on without beating yourself up. Its one day. You have the rest of your life. I say you should be utterly PROUD of how much you have committed to your work out! That is determination my friend, true determination. So you had some extra triscuits..that pales in comparison to sitting on the couch 24-7 eating cheesecakes, pies and so forth. You are AMAZING! You have made AMAZING strides in your excercise and AMAZING changes in your way of eating. You hold your head proud girl, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. Hope you are doing well! Miss reading your new blog posts. Hint Hint!

  3. sorry, just dealing with life here...sick kids and treading water. Not much time to blog. I can't do it when the fam is up and needy. thanks for posting!!!