The Road to One-derland!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

So much on my mind right now....

My mind is just a buzz these days.  So much I want to blog about.  I really want to blog each night before bed, so at least I know I've got material for the week,  LOL  I love blogging.  It  allows me to talk to myself and get responses from you all.  Plus, I also can find other blogs that I like and follow them.  I'm stoked to find one that I think will be a wonderful resource for me.  Ginas Skinny Recipes .  A friend posted a recipe from this site on Facebook a few weeks ago which got me nosing around.  OMG.... Gina's got a gold mine there.  So please, check her out.  She's WW friendly listing both old and new Points Plus values.  She's also listed the nutritional info for recipes so pretty much anyone could see the value in her eats. 

I love food....BIG, cook books, fresh ingredients, kitchen gadgets, etc.  You name it, I love anything food related.  That's been one of my huge issues with getting weight off....the constant temptation of food.  Face it, we need food to survive.....we can't just stop eating cold turkey (mmm, turkey lmao).  So now  I look for healthier options for me and my family.  Through blogs, social networks and cooking websites, it's been easy for me to find new recipes to try. 

So what have you tried recently that was a hit? 

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was watching an episode of the show HEAVY tonight while riding the stationary bike.  I believe it is on A&E, but I had found it on HULU (online).   It's an interesting show that basically follows two morbidly obese people during their 6 month stint at weight loss "camp".  Tonight's show featured an older woman who had lost her mobility and was using a scooter to get around everywhere.  She so desperately wanted to lose weight for her grand children.  So she could walk and run with them and just enjoy them.  After and exercise at the grocery store, she realized...."I've been choosing food over my grandchildren".  Wow, that  hit me.  I have repeatedly been making those same choices.  My choice to ignore my weight and near imminent health issues.  My choices to basically play with fire instead of owning up to MY problem.  See when you have people who love you and count on you for things, well your choices are not your own.  They effect others....big time.  Do my boys want me around?  Does my husband?  other family and friends?  It really is startling to see how quickly health can dwindle if the right choices aren't made in time.

I choose to do for me...which in turn, will effect my family.  Taking care of me and my health benefits many.

Do something today to change what you don't like about your, appearance, job, finances.  Things don't fix themselves.  There is no Genie in the bottle to come fix things.  You've got to do it your DAMN self. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!!! Are you with me?

I've missed this.  I've missed blogging about my journey.  I've missed responding to my friends.  I've missed being IN CONTROL of my eating.  I've been away for two months.  Well not AWAY physically, but away mentally.  I lost my get fit, get healthy mojo.  Welp, it's BAAAAAACK and I am, too.   I hope you are with me.

I stopped tracking my WW points, and stopped making the best choices for myself.  I stopped exercising daily.  I am human after all...and thankfully each day is a NEW BEGINNING.  I decided to face the scale and get back with the program.  I'd gained just under 6 lbs in my 2 month hiatus and now, since being back in control, I've lost a couple of those pounds. YES!!!

I face vacation again in a few weeks.  I will not let it get me off target.  I will have the laptop to track my eating and activity.  I will have my phone which has the WW tracking app.  I have tools.  There is NO reason to get out of control again. 

I keep close contact with two other friends who are on their own journeys.  They are amazing  support and encouragement for me.  We've made a pact to bust ass and kick 30 pounds to the curb come Christmas.  I already cannot wait to feel those pounds off my body.  I cannot wait to SEE those pounds off my body.  It will happen.  My one-year weight loss anniversary is right after the holidays.  I'm jazzed to see how far I can come in a year. 

So please follow along. Join me in getting fit, getting healthy and enjoying life each day.