The Road to One-derland!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was watching an episode of the show HEAVY tonight while riding the stationary bike.  I believe it is on A&E, but I had found it on HULU (online).   It's an interesting show that basically follows two morbidly obese people during their 6 month stint at weight loss "camp".  Tonight's show featured an older woman who had lost her mobility and was using a scooter to get around everywhere.  She so desperately wanted to lose weight for her grand children.  So she could walk and run with them and just enjoy them.  After and exercise at the grocery store, she realized...."I've been choosing food over my grandchildren".  Wow, that  hit me.  I have repeatedly been making those same choices.  My choice to ignore my weight and near imminent health issues.  My choices to basically play with fire instead of owning up to MY problem.  See when you have people who love you and count on you for things, well your choices are not your own.  They effect others....big time.  Do my boys want me around?  Does my husband?  other family and friends?  It really is startling to see how quickly health can dwindle if the right choices aren't made in time.

I choose to do for me...which in turn, will effect my family.  Taking care of me and my health benefits many.

Do something today to change what you don't like about your, appearance, job, finances.  Things don't fix themselves.  There is no Genie in the bottle to come fix things.  You've got to do it your DAMN self. 


  1. I am going to have to go to Hulu and check that show out. I've heard a lot about it! And yeah, there aint' no weight loss fairy, damn!

  2. So needed to hear this today. That last paragraph is golden! :)

  3. HEAVY isn't anything fancy, nothing over produced or edited (like Biggest Loser...which I love) It's all about the person. No drama amongst participants, no back stories with trainers....just their time at "fat camp" They are very, very heavy and if they can take on the challenge to save their own life through hard work, why can't I ??? No one is going to do it for me. And why tomorrow? Today is a great day to do something positive for ME.