The Road to One-derland!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!!! Are you with me?

I've missed this.  I've missed blogging about my journey.  I've missed responding to my friends.  I've missed being IN CONTROL of my eating.  I've been away for two months.  Well not AWAY physically, but away mentally.  I lost my get fit, get healthy mojo.  Welp, it's BAAAAAACK and I am, too.   I hope you are with me.

I stopped tracking my WW points, and stopped making the best choices for myself.  I stopped exercising daily.  I am human after all...and thankfully each day is a NEW BEGINNING.  I decided to face the scale and get back with the program.  I'd gained just under 6 lbs in my 2 month hiatus and now, since being back in control, I've lost a couple of those pounds. YES!!!

I face vacation again in a few weeks.  I will not let it get me off target.  I will have the laptop to track my eating and activity.  I will have my phone which has the WW tracking app.  I have tools.  There is NO reason to get out of control again. 

I keep close contact with two other friends who are on their own journeys.  They are amazing  support and encouragement for me.  We've made a pact to bust ass and kick 30 pounds to the curb come Christmas.  I already cannot wait to feel those pounds off my body.  I cannot wait to SEE those pounds off my body.  It will happen.  My one-year weight loss anniversary is right after the holidays.  I'm jazzed to see how far I can come in a year. 

So please follow along. Join me in getting fit, getting healthy and enjoying life each day. 


  1. The Bex is back in town! Woo Hoo! You can do it girl and we are here to support you and cheer you on! 30 pounds? Easy peasy! Lets do this!

  2. Love this, and love you!! Good luck, you can do it!!! :)