The Road to One-derland!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

down 24 lbs

I lost again this week!!!!  Yahoo! I don't know how much since last week as I don't have access to my WW records.  LOL  I do know I'm down 24 lbs since January!!!  I'm stoked!!!  1 more lb til that lovely 25 lb mark and soooo close to my 10% loss milestone.
Now if I could only figure out to update me weight loss tracker....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saying goodbye to WW

Well, I've officially cancelled my WW online subscription.  I had planned on doing it after my vacation and was paid through the end of the month.  I have always loved WW and their online program is great....especially with their i-Phone app. pay $17/month for their tracking when I can do it online for free, well, its a no-brainer.  Also, with my new need to carb-count, my needs have changed.  I'm hoping to be able to print out my meal journals to share with my dietitian and Dr. at upcoming appts.

There are many great online calorie counting/tracking sites around.  I've been familiar with Spark People for a while now, but have chosen to use myfitnesspal  They also have a free app, so I can track while I'm out and about.  I have a few friends who have been using it with great here I go.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My time

There just isn't enough night time hours in my day.  It is MY time....when I can kick my feet up, play a few games, workout, bake, stuff that I need to do....without interruptions.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but sometimes, just sometimes, mama needs some peace and quiet.  

I've always enjoyed reading, but lately books have taken a back seat to lazily playing online.  I am happy to say I have started AND finished 3 books in the last 6 weeks!  I really have missed the quiet escape that reading brings.  I also am hot on the trails searching for some interesting diabetes blogs.  Being newly diagnosed, I'd love to find some blogs to follow.  WE bloggers are a wealth of information. LOL  

So here I nearly 2a.m. once again.  I've done my workout (After midnight!), returned some emails, done some blog searching.  I really should go to bed, but I'm on a mission.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Post- Holiday and Vacation weigh-in

I had hoped to pack my handy, dandy scale on our nearly two week vacay, but it didn't make the cut.  Vacations always make me nervous....I leave with the best of intentions, but usually succumb to the temptations of special foods and treats that surround me.  I have to say I am so proud to see that I lost 6.1!!!  One thing I know that helped big time....we share our treats.  We were at DL and things are we split things.  Everyone gets a decent taste, and we save money and calories.  Also, the walking...walking....walking!  Lots of walking.  Woohoo!!!  While I'm sad that vacation is behind us, I'm glad that the challenges that come with being away from home (food!!!) are behind me.

My latest gift to me....

You know, I am not much of a jewelry person.  I wear the same earrings all the time and well, don't even wear my wedding ring on a reg basis.  But....I have a new necklace.  I saw it posted on a blog I follow and just had to have it.  This was my first time going to ETSY ....I will now have to restrain myself from buying more stuff. What a great site!
So here's my new necklace from White Lilie Designs :

Oh and yesterday, I booked my 25 lb facial and massage.  I am not there yet, but the appt isn't til November, so I KNOW I will be there by then.  So excited!!

I am really working on making special time for me....quality time.  Sometimes you just have to celebrate yourself, right?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...

I remember seeing that quote when I was a kid....was it Charlie Brown?  I don't remember completely.   It keeps coming up in my mind these days.  Why? Well, yesterday it was confirmed that I have Type II Diabetes. focus is changing a bit.  I'm not just doing a low-cal, WW plan...but now  I have to watch carbs.  Today is the day I start this new way of LIVING as I will need to do it for LIFE. 

A word of advice....if you are overweight or obese, please have your dr. run A1C bloodwork when doing your annual labs.  Being obese paired with my history of gestational diabetes with both of my previous pregnancies put me at GREAT risk.  If you are at a "normal" weight range and have a family history of Diabetes, I would highly recommend the annual testing, too.

Sooooo.....a counting carbs I go.  I'm hopeful this can be kept under control through diet, exercise and continued weight loss.  Please hold good thoughts for me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And we're off

on vacation once again.  I've been busily prepping the house for our vacay (love to come home to a clean abode), washing clothes, planning outfits for me and the kids, packing grub...Now it's time to go.   Let's see how it goes.....I know I can get lots of activity and can drink plenty of water....hoping to not succumb to too many vacation food traps.  LOL

Friday, July 1, 2011

the bad and the ugly

You know, it's easy to come here and blog about the great, wonderful, fab things that happen.  When things aren't so great, it's just easier to stay away.  Well I am not going to do that.  No candy coating here....I gained 3 pounds this week.  Some reasons why.....
  • eating out.  I went to my fave Vietnamese place last night and had noodle salad,  I also got sushi on Tuesday....
  • eating my activity points
  • not as many fruits/veggies as usual
things I am proud of:
  • worked out 20-50 minute EVERY day
  • tracked EVERYTHING.....

so there you have it....up, up again.  UGH!  I hate starting the week on a sucky note like that, but there it is in back and white.  We go on vacation on Thursday.  I will be packing that GD scales with me.  I don't want to miss two weigh ins and I'm hoping it will keep me more focused and on track.  Vacation should be more about the experiences than the food, right?  We're going someplace we frequently visit, so it's not like I'm doing something totally new.