The Road to One-derland!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

the bad and the ugly

You know, it's easy to come here and blog about the great, wonderful, fab things that happen.  When things aren't so great, it's just easier to stay away.  Well I am not going to do that.  No candy coating here....I gained 3 pounds this week.  Some reasons why.....
  • eating out.  I went to my fave Vietnamese place last night and had noodle salad,  I also got sushi on Tuesday....
  • eating my activity points
  • not as many fruits/veggies as usual
things I am proud of:
  • worked out 20-50 minute EVERY day
  • tracked EVERYTHING.....

so there you have it....up, up again.  UGH!  I hate starting the week on a sucky note like that, but there it is in back and white.  We go on vacation on Thursday.  I will be packing that GD scales with me.  I don't want to miss two weigh ins and I'm hoping it will keep me more focused and on track.  Vacation should be more about the experiences than the food, right?  We're going someplace we frequently visit, so it's not like I'm doing something totally new. 


  1. The tracking is awesome! It is so nice to be able to see where the calories are coming from! You should def be proud of sticking to that, I know when I'm trying to track what I eat, I have a hard time being honest, even though I'm the only one who sees it. Good for you!! Onward! :)

  2. Ups and downs sister, you are not alone. Be VERY proud of your exercise regime. I wish I had the motivation to exercise as much as you do!!!!! Get some more H20 down, as much as you can, it will help flush the sodium. I bet you have a big loss next week! Keep going, this too shall pass. Im so proud of you!!!