The Road to One-derland!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...

I remember seeing that quote when I was a kid....was it Charlie Brown?  I don't remember completely.   It keeps coming up in my mind these days.  Why? Well, yesterday it was confirmed that I have Type II Diabetes. focus is changing a bit.  I'm not just doing a low-cal, WW plan...but now  I have to watch carbs.  Today is the day I start this new way of LIVING as I will need to do it for LIFE. 

A word of advice....if you are overweight or obese, please have your dr. run A1C bloodwork when doing your annual labs.  Being obese paired with my history of gestational diabetes with both of my previous pregnancies put me at GREAT risk.  If you are at a "normal" weight range and have a family history of Diabetes, I would highly recommend the annual testing, too.

Sooooo.....a counting carbs I go.  I'm hopeful this can be kept under control through diet, exercise and continued weight loss.  Please hold good thoughts for me.

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