The Road to One-derland!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Between sizes

Well, I guess I'm between sizes. My size 20 shorts slip on and off without unfastening the button and zipper.  My 18's....well I look like a sausage.  I know I have a tub of other clothes, but haven't had time to sort thru them.  I wish I could predict what size I will be by next February when we go on our cruise, so I could get some summery clothes right now on sale.  I've never been good at that (hence all my new, with tags clothes in my closet currently waiting for me).


  1. Go naked? Ok, just kidding haha! Maybe some of the NWT clothes in your closet will fit come February. :) It would be so hard to guess a size when you are on a weight loss mission. That is awesome for you! Funny thing, we are not the different in pant sizes. I'm 22-24.

    You just keep working your tail off and you will be a slim little momma in no time! Bikini for the cruise?

  2. LMAO @ bikini....I haven't had a skin-showing two-piece in 35 years. My suits now are tankinis :)