The Road to One-derland!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The end of hectic week and weigh in day....

I am so glad this week is over.  It was quite emotion and anxiety filled.  It started with a trek out of town to attend a funeral for a dear family friend.  Then, we prepared for the first day of school that was to be mid-week. Well, school was put on hold due to an emergency in my town.  We were evacuated for two days while emergency personnel worked to put out a propane tanker fire.  I am an anxious person and, while me and my family were safe, it was unsettling to know so many of our friends were still in the area.  Thankfully things ended with out any catastrophic damage.  Ahhhh, exhale.

Eating this week was a bit of a challenge.  I ate at a buffet for the first time and attempted to make good choices.  The unfortunate thing is I didn't really know what I was eating (joys of a potluck).  I got this great idea after the fact that I should take a picture of my help me remember what I ate and serving size.  The rest of the week, I was just so anxious I didn't have much hunger.  I'm not a stress I guess that's a good thing.  Being diabetic, I know I MUST eat, so I ate cheese and triscut thins in the car.  Not weighed, measured or counted.  SCARY!!!  Thankfully, in normal circumstances, I am more organized about my on-the-road foods....and also thankful that it was only 2+ days.

A positive for the week, even with all the chaos, I was still able to exercise all but one day.  While out of town, I took a great walk with my sister through the streets of our home town.  It was lovely.  When back in town during the evacuation, I took a similar walk with a friend.  I really do feel best when I get my work out in.  I like that it has become a part of my EVERY DAY life (unless extenuating circumstances come up, of course). was weigh in.  After all that went on this week, I am thrilled to report a loss of .9 .  That brings my total loss to 34.2 pounds down since mid-January.    I am very very close to my largest amount of loss ever...35 lbs. And also inching my way to 41 by 41 (my birthday next month).  Lots to celebrate around here!!!


  1. The fire sounds scary! At first I thought you were going to say you were evac. because of the hurricane. I am very glad you and your family and friends are ok!

    I LOVE the idea of you shooting a pix of your plate.. I am so going to use that idea next time I am eating out. I try to take a small note pad in my purse but I never know if I will really have it..

    Weeeeeee! You are doing so good girl. I am celebrating a little here with you. I love how on program you have stayed and the walking is excellent. I have to get back to it myself.

    I also want to thank you for coming back and posting for me. I loved seeing you. It helps.

    Congrats on the loss hon. Have a great weekend!

  2. Look at you girl, you amaze me every week! Good job!

  3. Thanks so much for reading and following. I appreciate the support. Happy Saturday!!!