The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I guess you can call me a little obsessed....

I'm hooked.  I love, love, love My Fitness Pal !!!  I always was really turned off by the idea of counting tedious, monotonous, limiting, etc.  But not in this age of technology.  OMG between being able to update on their website or with my i-phone....scanning barcodes for nutritional info....logging exercise.....the ginormous nutritional information database of foods (including recipes).  I love it!  I love that I can easily see what are the higher calorie foods I reach for and try to find substitutes (if I want!!!).  I also can easily see how low fat I'm eating....or how many carbs in my day. It's awesome.

I'm also hooked on exercise.  I have this new routine I'm doing.  I start with a moderate bike least 20 min (and I get to watch one of my netflix shows!!!).  Then I go down to do Just Dance 2 for my daily Just Sweat workout.  I've been doing it late, which has been really pumping me up and energizing me....right at bedtime.  I wish I could do it a bit earlier.  LOL  But, better than nothing.

A special shout out to my friend Kim  She's been exercising like a crazy woman this week.  I'm so proud of her hard work.  I know it's been hot, hot, hot where you live, so what dedication!!!  Keep it  up!!!


  1. You go Becky!! You are rockin it! And THANK YOU for sharing the MFP website! It does make life so much easier. I am hearing a lot about the Just Dance, sounds awesome!!!!

    Keep up the work Becky. You are doing a great job for yourself while inspiring so many around you!

  2. Thanks Kim!!! I have to say, we both ROCK!! :)