The Road to One-derland!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


My family and I went to Lake Tahoe this weekend.  We were celebrating my and my hub's birthdays.  Such a beautiful piece of heaven pretty close to our house.  Today, before heading home, we wanted to take the boys to the lake for some sand time.   I found a beach on an online travel site (of loves the internets!!!) so off we went.  What I did not know was this beach was also the FINISH line for the Lake Tahoe marathon (among other races).  Wow, I've not been so close to so many runners EVER.  While I'd watched running events in the Olympics, I was surprised to see the range of ages and body types on the road.  There were large people like me. Overweight people like me... OBESE people like me.  WoW !!!  Now I do not see myself as a marathoner EVER, but I am really toying with the idea of challenging myself to train for and complete a run.  I think next year at this time I will be ready.  A friend ran the Race for a Cure in SF today....perhaps next years Race will be for me???  Think I can do a 5k? Wanna join me?  SF is gorgeous this time of year!!!


  1. I KNOW you could do it! And if I was thinner and lived closer I would so join you!

  2. Welllll, it is NEXT year, maybe you could get here by then??? :) IT would be a great Mom's weekend!!!! Thanks for the cheers.