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Friday, September 23, 2011

It's been 9 months...

Wow, I've now made it 9 months in this quest for healthier living.  I am as motivated today as I was in January when I set out to make a difference in my life.  Heck, I think I am more motivated.  I see the numbers moving on the scale, more energy, just happier in general.  People are noticing and commenting about the changes in me.  I have to say, while I love that others are noticing and excited, the comments kind of embarrass me for some reason.  I know, I'm weird...but I just am not used to any one commenting on my size in a positive way.  I guess I better get used to it because I will not be hiding behind that weight any longer.  

A big change in my life has been exercise.  Finding the time....MAKING the time to add intentional exercise (as opposed to just adding steps to your day at the grocery store) to EVERY day.  I always have squeezed in my workouts late at night after the kids go to bed.  Lately, now that both boys are in school, I'm fitting in some exercise in the a.m., too.  I love my evening rides on the stationary bike.  I get to "sit" and watch a show I enjoy.  This makes the workout less boring for sure. When the hubs is home, I have started taking nice walks through our neighborhood.  I can get in a nice 40 min walk, enjoy some fresh air and explore the 'hood while most residents are sleeping.  The a.m. workouts have been more varied....Just Dance or Wii, Leslie Sansone at home walking dvds, zumba for Wii. I'm pretty hooked on my exercise.  Do I love it? Nope! But I do enjoy trying new exercises/workouts and feel a great sense of accomplishment after getting it done each day.  

My kids have noticed my dedication to work outs.  When putting my littlest guy to bed for naps or bedtime, he will ask me "what are you going to do now....go exercise?"  I love that he thinks that about me.  I want to be an example and role model for my kids. My oldest son loves the Wii Fit and will spend hours doing the running and other sports activities.  He also wants to ride the stationary bike.  I want them to be healthy and fit ALL of their lives and not have to deal with weight issues and the ailments that can bring about.  

Have you made the commitment to exercise daily?  In my opinion there is nothing more important than physical activity.  In the big picture, what's 30-60 minutes of your day?  That time spent is an investment in your healthy future.  

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