The Road to One-derland!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Feeling the Scale Love Today!!!

Finally....the scale got moving in the RIGHT direction...big time.  After a joyful birthday celebration a MONTH ago, I've finally lost that pesky gain and more.  YES!!!  I lost 3.4 this week. Yahooo!!!  My mega work outs have been paying off.  I'm thrilled!!!  I have to say, this has made me a little nervous about the upcoming holiday season.  Here we have like 6 weeks of special meals, celebrations, FOOD, FOOD, and MORE food.  If one weekend away and two birthday celebrations can throw my weight loss into a 1-month tail spin, what's my fate for the holiday SEASON?? UGH!!  I will not let the scale beat me down.

Soooo, what are your strategies during the holidays?   Extra exercise?  modify traditional food recipes to make them more healthful, avoid parties, skip baking???  Please share!!!


  1. Woo hoo!! Thats a great loss Becky. I'm also sweating the holidays. I'm thinking MEGA WORKOUT!

  2. Thanks Kim! I think you are right...who wants to avoid those great parts of the holidays?

  3. I know I dont. But I also know moderation is key. I am one to go whole hog so to speak so I have to remind myself little portions and lots of workout!