The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wow, it's been 9 Months!!!

Okay, I just now realized at this very moment that today is the 9 month anniversary of the start of my new lifestyle.  I have to say, this is honestly the longest I've stuck with anything of the sort.  I can see changes made in my life that I'd never been willing to make.  While there have been shades of discouragement and frustration, mostly I have to say I pushed through, never gave up and have 40 lbs off my body.....FOREVER!!!!

In the past 9 months:

  •  I've made a commitment to exercise daily.  I've used the fitness center while staying at a hotel.  I've planned walks with friends while out of town.  I've exercised most days, sometimes twice/day for the last 9!
  • I've achieved goals (41 lbs by my 41st birthday) and and working hard to get to my current goal....50 lbs off by Christmas.  
  • I've tried new foods and recipes.  I've made oatmeal for breakfast, changed how I take my coffee (not an easy task), prepared fish for the family..... really gone out of my culinary comfort zone.
  • I've eliminated much of the junky convenience foods from my kids diet.  If they have a treat, it is something I have baked from scratch, not something chemical laden with loads of sugar or preservatives.
  • I buy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market.  My youngest loves going with me to help pick out our goodies for the week. This has been very powerful as I've heard O talk proudly about the apples and peaches we've picked out.  I love it!!!
  • We have a nice salad most nights of the week and my boys are eating it.  
  • While the changes I have made have been about me...and FOR ME, I am beyond thrilled that my family is benefiting from the changes.  My husband has lost over 20 lbs and is working out more consistently.  He's even pushing himself to workout for longer periods of time.  
  • I love that my youngest, when going down for his nap or bed time, will ask "are you going to exercise?"  I am thrilled that he sees me as someone who does that regularly and that I'm not some sluggy couch potato.  

This is no DIET for's definitely LIVING.  It may take me a while to get this weight off, but it's coming off.

**** edited because I just did the math and realized it has only been NINE months.  ****


  1. Becky I am so, so proud of you. By working on yourself you have laid the groundwork for your family to make better food choices and exercise as well. You are determined and focused and it shows in the goals you have accomplished. I raise my glass to you!

  2. Seriously, the last one made me tear up. I forget how much our kids learn and take from us on things like this sometimes. I need to set a better example for mine! So happy and proud for you!! Also, my kids would NEVER eat a salad, so kudos to you, mama. You are amazing. Love ya.

  3. Thanks girls!!! I appreciate your love and support.