The Road to One-derland!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yes, I was nearly in tears at the Dr. Office

I had a follow-up appointment on Friday.  My diabetes diagnosis was in July.  I had a one-month follow-up in August and then a two-month (Friday).  At this appointment I would get blood work results. My first results since the diagnosis.  I've been living healthier, exercising, and taking medication to help control my sugar levels (metformin) and newly diagnosed high blood pressure.  What were my results going to be?   Will my fasting number be at a healthful level?  my A1c?  my blood pressure?  

I've been overweight my whole life. Hell, OBESE my whole adult life.  Appointments with the doctor aren't usually joyful events. The dreaded weigh-in and impending lecture "you really should lose weight".  My M.O. was to make as little eye-contact with the Dr. as possible.  Well, today, that was not necessary.  My Dr. proudly shared my lab results with me.  She was ecstatic to tell me that both diabetes screenings are now in the healthful level.  My blood pressure was GREAT and my good cholesterol increased.  My overall cholesterol is a paltry 128.  Yahooo!!!  And the getter, I lost 12 lbs since my August appointment.  My Dr. was so thrilled with how I'm doing and how my health has improved, she doesn't want to see me til next spring.  Here I thought I was going to need to go in every 2 months, but nope....she actually said next JUNE would be great.  Of course, if my readings are high or if other health concerns arise, I need to come in sooner.

I know I was beaming there in the chair.  I was so pleased with myself.  I started to puddle up a bit.  It's so out of the  norm for me to actually  receive such praise for doing something right health-wise.   This is something I've never succeeded in before.  Looking better is a great incentive, but better health is the KEY!

*** A side Dr. mentioned "wow, you've lost 40 lbs since Decemeber....are you ready for 40 more?"  A little voice in my head said "game on!"  I would love, love, love to be ANOTHER 40 lbs lighter by my next appointment with her in June.  That's 8 months away....seems do-able to me, right?  Sooo, that will be my next challenge.


  1. I am sitting here in tears. YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME BECKY! I am and have always been so impressed and proud of your determination. You woke up one day and decided it was GAME ON and you haven't stopped since. You CAN do this, you ARE doing this! You are one of the biggest inspirations in my life Becky. I know I brag and cheer you on, but I really mean it girl. This is AMAZZZINNG news! Losing weight is one thing, but the positive effects on your health is the most important for you and your family. 40 pounds by spring? YES MAM! Get that 2nd ticker going girl cuz YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT!!!!! Love you girl! Soooooooo proud of your accomplishments!!

  2. Thank you so much, Kim! I always can count on you for your love and support. You are a wonderful friend and I'm grateful for that. I'm so determined to be a healthier person.

  3. Congratulations honey! I'm so very proud of you! You have accomplished so much and have helped your health immensely. I hope you're incredibly proud of you too!

  4. Thank you, Bee! I really would love to be at healthy levels and OFF meds. One day at a time!

    I appreciate your support...LOVES!!!