The Road to One-derland!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A special delivery

I arrived home this a.m to a message from a dear friend.  She had been parting with some of her clothes and remembered seeing my FB post about needing some new clothes.  This friend is much smaller than me, so, I have to say I was a bit scared to see how small the clothes would be.   Also, a part of me was flattered that she thought I was that close to her "old" size.  ;)  LOL

I couldn't wait to see what was in the large bag.  I busted it open while my lil guy was down for his nap. OMG the sweaters were so nice.  They looked like they were a little shorter than I am used to wearing, but I put them on and they looked nice.  Definitely things that will look even better as more weight comes off.  I look forward to  wearing them and seeing them fit better and better.

Yaaay for special friends sharing their old clothes with me.  I'm so grateful and happy!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time....

to lose weight!  The average North American gains 7-12 lbs during the holiday season (Halloween thru New Years).  I reject those pounds.  I will not be a statistic.  Someone else can have my share.  I will be SMALLER come January 2, 2012.  It's not going to be easy, but well none of this has been.  Please join me.  Pledge to be a holiday loser.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A pleasant scale surprise

So I haven't exactly been weighing.....I've been skeered and just avoiding seeing the possible damage.  Well, since I'm moving forward and going to go "balls to the wall" this next month towards my goal....why not know he down and dirty details.  Welp, I'm down 1.7.  I'm down 44 lbs!!!!  This is NOW my lowest point on this journey. PHEW!! Perhaps I've gotten that damn monkey off my back???  Is it the end of my plateau?  All I can say is Thank GOD for exercise!!!

I'll take a second helping of motivation and inspiration, PLEASE!!!!

I've been's been 2 months since I hit 40lbs lost...and I've teetered back and forth at that point with mostly little gains.  Food has been a  huge challenge..and here we are rolling into the holidays.  UGH!

I headed home for Thanksgiving as I do each year. Heading home to traditional holiday fare, the chaos of a full house, and questionable November weather. The hubs and I talked before heading out....we would squeeze in a walk each day (if there was kid-coverage), take it easy during the meal, and we'd hopefully be able to keep each other from the dessert table.   :)  Well, I am happy to say we DID walk each day. Now it wasn't always a super-di-duper kick-butt walk, but we DID get out there and get moving.  Thanksgiving night, I wasn't feeling well...nauseated even, but we headed out.  It felt good to get out there for sure.  I had one plate of Thanksgiving yumminess....and that was it!  Pretty proud that I didn't take any more of my mom's delish stuffing or taters and gravy. WOW!!!  Now, desserts...well, I had some cookies...and some pumpkin pie.  Counted it, wrote it down, love it ALL.  

One of the biggest treats from my visit home was an opportunity to see an old friend.  W's been my friend since pre-kinder.....a LOOOONG time ago.  :)  We've seen each other 3 times this year.  The last visit was Aug.  Let me tell you....she's on her own weight loss journey and she's kicking butt.  Since I saw her in Aug, she's lost an additional 20 lbs....for  total of 60+ lost.  She looks AMAZING!!!  She's been following WW religiously and working out like a demon.  When I saw her in Aug, she'd mentioned she was jogging, now she's added P90x...and wowza, the results have been fantastic.  I have to say our visit gave me a huge boost of motivation.  Seeing what she's done for herself just this year was truly inspiring.    We talked fitness, exercise, food, clothes.  I even left with HUGE box of clothes for me "lose" in to.  YES!!!   So looking forward to the day I can get those pants on AND buttoned.  lol

So, moving forward.....I'm going to kick ass each day to work towards my goals.  Short term, I really, really, really want to get to my 50lbs off goal by Christmas.  I've got ONE month.  Come cheer me along.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm here....really

It's been a rough, tough, busy, stressful couple of weeks.  I guess this marks the beginning of the holiday hub-bub, eh?
Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say I'm still alive and kicking....having challenges with my food DAILY, but still keep exercising.  Thank GOD for that damn bike.  I would have gained back some serious pounds.

A common issue for me lately....not making time for ME.  While I've been exercising, the duration of said workouts have cut back considerably.  On some days I'd been able to get in TWO workouts, well, a.m. free time has been gobbled up with errands and other obligations.  I do not like it, but it's had to be that way.  In reflecting on how I've been spending my time each day, I continue to see time is spent serving children, husband, friends in need, volunteer opportunities....leaving little time or energy for me.  One of the things I love about being a SAHM is being available for my family and others....but it comes at a cost.  I do for others during the day...then am too frazzled to do for myself by the end of the day.

I cannot be left simmering on the back burner.  I must meet my needs first.  I know it sounds selfish, but I need to do this right now before I back slide.  No one can do this for me.  I HOLD THE KEY to my success.  I keep repeating that mantra....hoping it sticks in my mind before I make a bad choice in my day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Rough Week!!!

The past week was rough and I just can't seem to shake it.  Thought I'd made it through the challenges leading up to Halloween with great will power....but then I fell apart on Halloween.  Seeing the gigantic popcorn bowl filled with chocolates and fruity candies (I love chewy lemonheads!!!) sent me over the edge.  I hate hate hate those small trick or treat sized candies.  Soooo easy to hide, stash, sneak and OVER EAT.  I would have never sad down with a full-sized snickers bar, but I'm sure I ate more than one bar if you added up all the itty bitty pieces I gobbled up.  It's upsetting to see this epic fail.  It worries me. What type of self-control will I have for Thanksgiving and Christmas???

I really want to get to 50lbs down by Christmas.  Seems like such an uphill challenge now.  Hi, it's only a few pounds away, but I keep sliding backwards.

Oh and a note, I did not weigh in last week as I was out on Fri and Sat.  We'll see what my Halloween damage is this Friday.