The Road to One-derland!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'll take a second helping of motivation and inspiration, PLEASE!!!!

I've been's been 2 months since I hit 40lbs lost...and I've teetered back and forth at that point with mostly little gains.  Food has been a  huge challenge..and here we are rolling into the holidays.  UGH!

I headed home for Thanksgiving as I do each year. Heading home to traditional holiday fare, the chaos of a full house, and questionable November weather. The hubs and I talked before heading out....we would squeeze in a walk each day (if there was kid-coverage), take it easy during the meal, and we'd hopefully be able to keep each other from the dessert table.   :)  Well, I am happy to say we DID walk each day. Now it wasn't always a super-di-duper kick-butt walk, but we DID get out there and get moving.  Thanksgiving night, I wasn't feeling well...nauseated even, but we headed out.  It felt good to get out there for sure.  I had one plate of Thanksgiving yumminess....and that was it!  Pretty proud that I didn't take any more of my mom's delish stuffing or taters and gravy. WOW!!!  Now, desserts...well, I had some cookies...and some pumpkin pie.  Counted it, wrote it down, love it ALL.  

One of the biggest treats from my visit home was an opportunity to see an old friend.  W's been my friend since pre-kinder.....a LOOOONG time ago.  :)  We've seen each other 3 times this year.  The last visit was Aug.  Let me tell you....she's on her own weight loss journey and she's kicking butt.  Since I saw her in Aug, she's lost an additional 20 lbs....for  total of 60+ lost.  She looks AMAZING!!!  She's been following WW religiously and working out like a demon.  When I saw her in Aug, she'd mentioned she was jogging, now she's added P90x...and wowza, the results have been fantastic.  I have to say our visit gave me a huge boost of motivation.  Seeing what she's done for herself just this year was truly inspiring.    We talked fitness, exercise, food, clothes.  I even left with HUGE box of clothes for me "lose" in to.  YES!!!   So looking forward to the day I can get those pants on AND buttoned.  lol

So, moving forward.....I'm going to kick ass each day to work towards my goals.  Short term, I really, really, really want to get to my 50lbs off goal by Christmas.  I've got ONE month.  Come cheer me along.


  1. Yeah for watching your food intake B AND for walking each day. You are very close to 50 and I bet you do it! Your are mad skilled in the exercise department and your determination to succeed is going offer powerful results. Keep pushing forward, no worries about little gains or holidays. Know you have done amazing and you will continue to do so! I believe in you!!!!

  2. Thanks Kim! I really think I will do it. Wish you would be here to happy dance with me.