The Road to One-derland!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A special delivery

I arrived home this a.m to a message from a dear friend.  She had been parting with some of her clothes and remembered seeing my FB post about needing some new clothes.  This friend is much smaller than me, so, I have to say I was a bit scared to see how small the clothes would be.   Also, a part of me was flattered that she thought I was that close to her "old" size.  ;)  LOL

I couldn't wait to see what was in the large bag.  I busted it open while my lil guy was down for his nap. OMG the sweaters were so nice.  They looked like they were a little shorter than I am used to wearing, but I put them on and they looked nice.  Definitely things that will look even better as more weight comes off.  I look forward to  wearing them and seeing them fit better and better.

Yaaay for special friends sharing their old clothes with me.  I'm so grateful and happy!!!


  1. What an awesome friend! Enjoy your new clothes. :)

  2. Yay for new clothes and YAY for new clothes that are smaller and FIT!!! I bet you look hawt ;)

  3. LOL well as a matter of fact, I do. Sweaters are HAWT. ;) Thanks!!! Wore two more of them getting great clothes from friends!!!