The Road to One-derland!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Planning ahead, Choices, Temptation and the holidays!!!

So I was out yesterday running errands with my youngest.  He's a wild child so I was a bit anxious even before heading out.  A few weeks ago, while out on errands, he slashed my face.  I usually try not to bring him out with me for many errands, but I  had no choice yesterday.   I headed out to make several stops armed with only water.  What was I thinking?  I had a snack cup and water for O, but nothing for me to nibble on.  Talk about setting myself up for failure.  Why? Why did I not have something in the car for me?

The hub-bub of the holidays has really stressed me out.  Dashing around with the boy in-tow I kept thinking of all the quick-fix choices around me, Mc D's, Taco Bell, Chik-fil-a.  I could have easily drove through and got myself a little something.  I know I wouldn't have gone overboard there...but I would have gone home and still eaten more.  Why are those thoughts in my head?  It scares me that the little fast food voice was getting louder and louder in my ear.  I haven't been tempted by such places in seriously over a year.  Why now!!!

As we made our last stop, I went through scenarios in my head.  We could drive thru Taco Bell and the little guy could possibly tell his dad....I would be so embarrassed.   I know I would feel like a loser and failure for giving in, too.  Then thoughts turned to "what can I eat when I get home?'  I knew I had some homemade soup in the frig.  That needed to be eaten, it was healthy, and filling.  I immediately texted the hubs and had him start heating it.  If I knew it would be ready when I got home, that would really help keep the temptation demons at bay.

I know this all sounds very silly, but right now, this is a big victory for me.  I've been so weak when it comes to food these days.  I was able to talk myself down from the temptation ledge.  Thank GOD!!!  


  1. Yeah for resisting the convenience foods! Keep asking yourself what you have at home and big tip coming next...wait for it...its coming...PACK A LIGHT SNACK BAG NOW and set it aside for when you are on the go. :) Other than that I say you are golden! You have done sooo well.Proud of you girl!

  2. I get busted by temptations when I'm out, too. Good on you for not giving in! A good idea is to keep a box of healthy snacks in the car, just for you, and top it up every now and again. That way if you forget to take something or get stuck away from home for a while you have something already in the car to eat.

  3. You know, I kept some jerky in the car....I need to replenish the bag, but it was handy. Such a good idea. I got caught running ragged last week with errands and a surprise ear infection for O....never got to eat lunch. BAD BAD!!!