The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Still struggling...

Last night I went to bed early.  I figured I could use the sleep and it would keep me from snacking.  Yes, it worked....but I have so much to do, so now I'm stressing about holiday tasks.  I'm also disappointed that ....unless I get some Biggest Loser like numbers, I won't reach my 50lbs By Christmas goal.  I'm trying to revel in my success thus far, but it's hard.  I feel like I've lost motivation, inspiration, drive to keep going.

How are you all doing during this hectic holiday season?  Have you re-evaluated your goals during this time of year?


  1. Ok this is going to totally sound like an enabler, but seriously, dont stress the goals. I know its important, I get that, but at this time of year there always seems to be so much stress as it is.

    Keep pushing forward like you have been. You may just be experiencing a stall. You have lost so much weight already that your body might be trying to catch up.

    As for this holiday season, doing okay. I do have a nibble here and there but I am logging it. You have inspired me by all your success to stay the course. My pounds are trickling each week. Definitely no BL numbers here, but the fact that Im losing is good enough for me. I am trying to get the 30 off by Christmas. I dont think its going to happen at this point though. I am allowing myself Christmas Day to enjoy some treats just like on Thanksgiving day.

    So proud of you girl!! You keep me going. =)

  2. Thank you for always being RIGHT here for me. So glad you're back in the game and kicking ass. Thanks for pushing me!!!