The Road to One-derland!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

why am I so weak???

UGH, I hate when I give in to temptation.  Seriously!!! When I first started my weight loss journey in January, I had a rule, "No Eating Past 9pm".  I stuck to it like crazy.  Since I'm a night/evening exerciser, I've been allowing myself a snack since my diabetes diagnosis.  But man, tonight was just not good.

I had a great bike ride (stationary bike) and came downstairs to enjoy my quiet evening and do a few things.  I remembered there was a small piece of kerry gold aged cheddar in the frig.  I weighed it and counted out my wheat thin crisps.  PERFECT!!!  Then, I made up some muffins for my boys to enjoy tomorrow.  I swear the carbs in the crackers kicked off a huge craving.  I got out the crackers and finished off the bag.  It was mainly broken crackers and bits....but still, where is the control???  Then, I pull the muffins out of the oven.  48 perfect, lovely, steaming, mini-pumpkin muffins....  Before I knew it, I'd popped TWO in my mouth.  WHAT THE HECK???  I honestly didn't even remember the second one, I had to actually count the remaining muffins to know for sure.  How does this happen in the blink of an eye??

So now I'm disgusted with myself....and sad.  Why do I ruin a bad food/exercise day so late in the game???  This is exactly why I should be in bed at this hour.  DAMMIT!!!


  1. That happens to us all. Don't be disgusted with yourself, count your calories and move on sister. =)

    As for sleep, well I am an advocate on getting good sleep so I vote for 8 hours a night. Yes, I go to bed around 9pm and up at 6 as a rule. PLUS it prevents me from late night snacking lol! I gotta give it to ya, I dont know how you can stay up so late anyway, I am dragging sometimes at 8 lol!

    Tomorrow is a new day. :) Hang in there B!

  2. Thank you! It just scares me that I can be doing good things for myself one moment and then be outta control like the next minute. SCARY stuff!!!