The Road to One-derland!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First week "Flying"

Ok, so this is my first week "flying" with The Flylady, and it's going GREAT!   I am definitely taking baby steps as I work through this weeks zone (the kitchen) and work on the daily routines for me and the house.  I have to say it has added a certain level of calmness to the household.  The downstairs common areas where we spend most of our time look fab.  and having things planned out the night before makes things for this non-morning person go so much more smoothly.  I've kind of adjusted the daily schedule to fit my/our needs (doing them on different days, but making sure they still get done).  

I'm excited and cannot wait to do more.  I'm really trying to take advantage of my extra time without children at home to make our home more comfortable and homey.  I think it's working.  The hubs has even commented....numerous times daily about how great things look.  Yaaaay!  Next up, looking for some good crockpot recipes so I can cut back on meal prep time.  Please share if you have any.


  1. Good going Becky! She does has some great tips for eliminating chaos.

  2. Maybe I should have another go at FLYing. I tried it once in like 2004 and never tried it again. Not sure I can get out of bed and do shoes and makeup every morning though. It's hard enough showering before midday half the time, though I guess that will change once Monkey starts school next week and I have to be up EVERY DAY at 7:15am to get him to school. God help me.