The Road to One-derland!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A glimpse of the old me (not pretty)

I bit of my former self popped out this weekend and it was scary.  I was out of town sans kids for the first time in ages.  I was road tripping home and realized 1) I hadn't really had breakfast and 2) I had forgotten to re-fill my water bottle.  I stopped and picked up some bottled water....and a tube of Pringles.  Why oh why did I friggin buy them?  And you know, while you're driving you're mindlessly  munching.  Before I knew it, the tube was EMPTY.  Yep, I'd eaten over 700 calories of nothing food....salty, fake potatoes.  How could I let myself get so out o control like that?   It was scary to see how quickly I could polish off those chips. I was so disappointed in myself.  :(

Now I'm miss positive here are some good points about this mini-binge.  I counted it on my food diary, I didn't let it completely derail my day, I got an hour's worth of cardio in later in the day, and now I'm blogging about my imperfection.  There are ups and downs in life.  I don't think it's healthy to always portray a rosey picture of perfection. So, here you have it.....I over ate, it made me feel like crap (physically and emotionally).  I know it was a result of my not feeding my body properly to start my day.  Lesson Learned!!!


  1. The best part is that you continued on your day and didn't let it spiral out of control. Your exercising is amazing and on days like that its your saving grace. Just so you don't feel alone, let me add that I can NOT eat just 1 serving of chips.. Moving on...:)

  2. You're right, I did move on. Funny, I was so mad at myself and almost told myself go more crap. But then I looked at my food/exercise journal and knew that I wasn't that far off in the ditch. I salvaged my day. It was hard working out. I think all the carbs made me feel sluggish. But glad I trudged along and did it. Back to our regularly scheduled program. :)

  3. You know, that is the difference in the new you and the old you...the old you would have stayed in the ditch....good job B!

  4. You realised what happened, you learned from it, you did something to counteract it and you got over it. Those are GOOD things and proof that you have come a long way and that is the reason why you will continue to go far! Well done!