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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friggin Cake....grrr

Okay so I  had a house party last night....Demarle @ Home.  Love the products and of course we had food.  This incredible cake was made....yellow cake, my fave.  Then we topped it with a chocolate ganache.  Well my guests enjoyed it and there was some left.  Well....not anymore.  I ate it.  Now last night after the guests left, I thought "hmm, I should toss this...."  but I  hate to waste food.  No....apparently I would much rather WAIST it.

WTH am I doing?  It is scary to lose control like that.  I told myself, hey you're not going to gain back those 55 lbs you lost, don't worry about it....move on.  But, that's  not the best attitude.  Sweets are a big time Red Light food for me. "you can't eat just one" for sure

I got in over an hour of stat I'm feeling better about it, but still.  UGH!!!

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