The Road to One-derland!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Phew, glad Easter has past!

I love EASTER, but let me tell you the yummy temptations that come with the holiday pain me.  I did super all last week...filling dozens of eggs without a nibble.  Then, when I came to doing the boys' baskets, I started in with the jelly beans.  WHY???  You know once you start you cannot stop. I finally told myself, hey, you have 24 hrs, enjoy the food, but don't go crazy.  So I did.  I had my first sweets, starches, sugar in over 2 weeks.  It all was delicious, but you know what... I felt like a slug.  We still have candy in the house, but I'm back in the zone. I portioned out the last of the chocolate pie for my boys....and didn't even lick the knife or grab a crumb of homemade cookie crust.  Yes, I am back!

I'm on a mission.  I am rarin' to go....on down the scale.  So excited about my next goals....reaching 20% of weight loss (a WW milestone that I love), getting to lower than I remember being recently, and then finally.....under 200.  I'm a planner....these mini-goals are my plan.  It's like I've got the GPS programmed for my weight loss journey.  I really want to be to ONEDERLAND by my birthday in Sept.  Buuuut, first things, first.  My new ticker is counting down to my next mini-goal....20% off. (no, not a sale, lmao)

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  1. One thing I can say is I remember that sluggish feeling while on Atkins. Its like your body is saying "please dont put that in me!" Im looking at your number here, girl you are almost to 60 pounds! Woo hoo!